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Sexual problems found in Men

Premature Ejaculation (quick fall of semen at the time of intercourse), Night Fall, Impotence, Semen Atrophy, Lack of time of astringency (time of sex when you finally ready for intercourse after foreplay), Weakness of semen, Spermaturia, Lack of sexual power and spermatozoa, Erection of penis,Ligament debility,Erectile dysfunction (this may happen due to psychological reasons, as well as health problems), Acquired inhibited sexual desire (due to frastration and embarassment over sexual dysfunction, especially erectile problems), Lack of energy ,Inability to maintain the erection througout of sexual act failure to satisfy the women,Short of length and thickness of penis. 


Sexual problems found in Women

Lack of tightness in vaginal wall, Menstrual disorder, Loss of sensation during sexual intercourse, Leucorrhoea (white discharge), Dysmenorrhoea (pain ful or difficult menstruation), Frgidity, inhibited sexual desire, Difficulty in reaching orgasm, Dyspareunia (painful intercourse), Difficulty in getting aroused, vaginismus difficulty to penetrate due to vaginal muscle constriction, vaginal dryness, Low blood flow to the genitals. 

Sexual health is family health:

 Sexuality is all about enjoying affection, derive pleasure, involve in intimate playfulness, erotism, intercourse, orgasm and passion for life.Yoga for sex will help you in achieving successful, satisfied healthy sex life with your life partner who is very close to your heart . yoga for sex will help you to rediscover the real men and women in you, as you find it difficult to find time between yourself and work. yoga for sex will make you amazingly happy again with most importent person in your life. Yoga for sex will give you extra-time, extra pleasurethat lead to healthy way to heavenlymoments, helps to keep your most importent person very close to his/her heart.



This is specially Sexual Yoga which is potent and extra-ordinarily effective natural sex enhancer which helps to increase libido and work as a powerful Male and Female sex stimulant. Yoga for Sex ignites the passion and romance in once's life and help to achive new levels of erotic intimacy aad emotional closeness in the relationship.

It has been proved by scientific way, those people, which are not satisfied by sex and maritial life, they become the victims of problems as by the physically and mentaly problems. They begin to use the drugs and other medicines to increase their sex power to satisfy himself and their and sex partner. but these drugs leave its effect for short time and after a little these drugs become use less for human's body. On view of such problems there are some sexual yoga are given below. After following these asans you will feel very better and you use not any sex increasing drugs and medicines. 

Sexual yoga has powerful result to increase organic power. Yoga has unique result to prepared healthy and powerful organic system and gave ecstasy full of orgasm. Not only yoga developed the sexpower but also increase healthy body. using such yoga mature and sensible persons will feel best and paucity of sex shall develop day by day below explaining. yoga asans make powerful sex feeling of man and women...   Your Sex Power without any









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